The Things That Are Not The Albums of The Year

The end of the year is nigh, and you know what that means: another overwritten top 10 albums list by me that no one will really read!

To whet the appetite, here’s a short list of some of the best musical things that came out this year that are not albums, and albums that almost made it this year.


The three albums that almost made it were FKA TWIGS, SYLVAN ESSO and EX HEX – all new bands, all self-titled. It was a bit hard taking Mary Timony’s Ex Hex out of this list because I love her so much.

Also, Twigs has the best PMC (Poor Mouth Closure) I’ve seen in my lfe, beating out even Adele Exarchopoulous.


Funnily enough the song I listened to the most by a landslide was last year’s “Latch” by Disclosure. I’m sure the song I listened to second most was something by CHVRCHES, also last year. No real singles stood out for me this year, but I made a playlist of the ones I liked and it’s on Spotify. Featuring stuff by the guys on the top 10 albums list along with Wye Oak, Courtney Barnett, Movement, Little Dragon, Grouper, Yumi Zouma and more.


Locally, this video for Peso Movement by King Palisoc is just so great. The concept is simple and brilliant, and when you start getting tired of it King and editor Maui Mauricio do things that make you go “woooooahhhhhh”

On the flipside there’s also video by Keith Deligero for Bombo Pluta Ova. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SO AMAZING. And the name of the song is “God-Damned Bomb”, hahahaha. This reminds me of the late 80s Mowelfund experimental films by people like Tad Ermitanio and Noel Lim. If they were, you know, on heroin.

Stateside: this video for Flying Lotus’ “Never Catch Me” is beautiful and affecting

What is it about kids dancing this year? Here’s another one. The best music videos are the ones that make you like a song you otherwise never liked. That was the case this year, with Sia’s “Chandeliers”.

There is no bigger example of “the video made me like the song” than my favorite vid this year: DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s “Turn Down For What” video by DANIELS. What. Exactly.

I’d say Interpol was a disappointment, but they haven’t had a decent album in ten years. Can I say Weezer was a disappointment because they actually put out a good album for once? Haha.

I went to Bootleg Theater once and told the bouncer: “how much for Perfect Pussy?” He told me, “$20. That’s a pretty good deal.” We both had a laugh, but he was more right than he knew. Perfect Pussy the band was the performance equivalent of a heart attack.

Interpol may have a sucky new album, but they’re still so amazing live. I saw them in Governor’s Ball, along with The Strokes, who drove everyone mad when they did Reptilia. I was able to catch a little of that crazinesss on video.

And of course, one of the best experiences of the year and an awesome band nonetheless was CHVRCHES. I’m almost getting over #CHVRCHESmanila. Almost.


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