Why I Cut The Cord

I watched this really awesome short film the other day. It was called Dogwalker, and it was basically about this dog walker whose client’s dog just died. The dog was too big to carry, so she stuffed it in a big piece of luggage and went on a commute across town to return it to its rightful owner. Along the way a random person helps her carry the suitcase, and an attraction develops between the two. Problem is, he’s unknowingly helping her carry a dead dog as their little flirtation ensues.

DOGWALKER from Kim Sherman on Vimeo.

I’m used to watching short content like this on my phone. Shorts films, music videos, webisodes – they’ve all become the stuff of sites like Youtube and Vimeo. This time, however, I was able to view it all in 65-inch Hi-Definition glory. New TV sets like my Sony Bravia have a built in cast function, and I can literally play anything on my phone or tablet and just cast it straight to the TV. That’s some Black Mirror stuff right there.

You know what I’m talking about. That Black Mirror episode where your memories are immediately recorded and can be cast onto the television as proof. I think it was called The Entire History of You or something. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it on Netflix. I get to watch it on full HD just by pressing the Netflix button on my remote. Such is the life of a Cord Cutter.

Quark Henares' Sony Home Entertainment System (6)

Me and my homies pigging out on pastries and looking for something awesome to watch on the Sony Bravia 4K HDR. Such an adventurous life we lead.

I’ve been a Cord Cutter for almost two years now. Cord Cutter being annoying industry parlance for people who’ve given up their cable subscriptions, sometimes even giving up free-to-air television in the process. And honestly? Life has been better. I don’t have to wade through hours of crap to watch something amazing. I don’t have to have my stories violently cut up by commercials anymore, either. I can literally find any video on Youtube by speaking to my TV’s microphone. If I want to watch a crisp, clear, guilt-free copy of Oscar winner Manchester by The Sea all I have to do is get on the Amazon app on the Bravia. Watch the season ender of Westworld with my friends? I can cast directly from my HBOGo app. Right now I’m going through all two seasons of my favorite show of all time, Twin Peaks, on Blu-Ray. Some things still need that special physical treatment, after all.


Even as I write this I’m casting my Spotify playlist called Wallpaper: A Soundtrack for Studying onto the TV, and the HT-ST9 Hi-Res Audio Soundbar is playing Bonobo with such crispness and booming bass that I’m almost tempted to dance.

This is why I joined IFLIX two years ago, and why I continued to do work in this field with Globe Studios. I’m from what the industry (here we go again with industry parlance) calls Legacy Media. But I’ve seen the signs, and I’m loving it. The power is with the experiencer now, and we watch/listen to/play what we want, when we want it, how we want it. Welcome to the new world.


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